Compressed Air Saving Device for Vacuum Ejectors

With rising electricity and oil prices, manufacturers are having to look at more effective methods of saving money. Certain types of venturi vacuum ejectors can be very thirsty on air. By replacing these types of pumps to Multi Ejectors the pumps can run at lower pressures and generate upto 6 times more vacuum flow. This can be improved even further on good surfaces by using a Vacuum operated, Air Supply Shut Off Valve or Pneumatic Vacuum Switch. This air saving device turns the compressed air supply off to the vacuum pump as the predetermined vacuum level has been achieved.  Is similar to placing a vacuum cup on the window and placing your finger over the end to seal in the vacuum. While the Vacuum remains at the desired level NO COMPRESSED AIR IS USED. If the surface or fittings decay the vacuum in the system, below the hysteresis of the valve, compressed air is restored to return the vacuum to the upper level. The VPS type switch can sourced from Simmatic in NO or NC configurations.