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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Solutions

Simmatic has successfully delivered solutions into the pharmaceutical industry of varying complexity;

from pneumatic control gear for through floor controlled product drops, integrated bespoke V-Grips for boxed vials, to vacuum generator and cup combinations for automatic handling of blister packs. And of course, the more typically associated 304 and 316 conveyors, even into ATEX environments with certification. Simmatic has the Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveyor products and expertise to develop your concept from initial stages or end of line process improvements for the end user.

Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveyors ISO9001 traceability

The pharmaceutical industry is revered for its cleanliness, strict procedures and traceable documentation. Supplying products from VMECA and Airwork means we can offer ISO9001 traceability from our partners who offer food grade stainless steel products to exacting standards. VMECA’s vacuum conveyors can convey volumes of bulk materials at a rate of up to 8.5 tph. Airwork have cost effective stainless steel ISO VDMA pneumatic cylinders, which can be washed down and even submerged. Regardless the point of automation within the production line, Simmatic has the products and expertise to help guide you to the most viable options. Whether that’s handling bulk ingredients, blister packs, medical vials, or boxed and palletised batches.


Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveyor

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