Challenge Simmatic with your difficult-to-handle products

Simmatic do far more than offer a catalogue of products - our experienced team of Engineers have extensive expertise in industrial handling vacuum solutions, offering you the latest in technological developments to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Challenge Us with your difficult-to-handle products...

Challenge Simmatic Automation Specialists with your difficult-to-handle products

Integrated Vacuum Lifter

MovomechAB’s Easycrane is a flexible articulated jib crane with an integrated vacuum lifter for quick and easy lifting. Our video demonstrates the Easycrane picking and placing 25kg paper sacks of potato starch...

Integrated Vacuum Lifter

Simmatic’s Vacuum Conveying Systems

Simmatic supply VMECA's Vacuum Conveying Systems. They can transport; food materials, bulk powders, pharmaceuticals, chemical products and more. Our experienced engineers will evaluate and test the application to make sure all aspects of a customer’s requirements are met for a safe and efficient operation...

Vacuum Conveying Systems

Picking and Placing Pies

For British Pie Week we're demonstrating the PS230 Premium Speeder. VMECA’s Premium Speeders are a one body structure design - Magic Cup with Vacuum Generator. We offer three models, all have different vacuum flow rates dependant on application...

VMECA’s Premium Speeders

Eco Turtle Pump

We're demonstrating VMECA’s NEW Eco Turtle Pump. A multi-functioning control valve optimised for use with VMECA’s turtle pump range - for a complete vacuum solution...

Turtle Pump VTC

Perfect Foodbag Opening Solution

VMECA’s eco-friendly vacuum generators are the perfect food bag opening solution. Green Pumps are excellent to use with products placed in sterile conditions. With a dust filtering function, they are efficient with energy and air consumption and the integrated VMECA vacuum cartridge gives excellent performance...

Perfect Food Bag Opening Solution

V-Grip Pick and Place

V-Grip pick and place systems from Simmatic - innovative vacuum grippers with built-in vacuum generators. If you’re picking, placing, lifting, lowering, gripping, moving, holding, pushing or pulling, Simmatic have the products and the knowledge to deliver your industrial handling solution...

V-Grip Pick and Place

World Turtle Day

It’s World Turtle Day on 23rd May. So, we’re highlighting VMECA’s VTC3132 Turtle Pump. Watch the vacuum generator in action, as part of a vacuum handling system, for a tile transfer application…

World Turtle Day


Providing Solutions

Here at Simmatic, what really motivates us is when we can be of assistance, working through a problem or handling concept and tailoring the best package of parts to give you, the customer the most dependable solution possible.

Supplying Products

Whether you need technical help or just require a simple component, Simmatic aim to provide the best possible customer service in industry regardless of your spend.

Giving Support

Right from the first concept idea through to delivery, we are always contactable and ready to offer whatever assistance we can. After products arrive, we remain at hand offering no obligation advice and tips to help you make the very most of your products.

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Challenge Us

Simmatic is so confident in our service, we invite you to challenge us. Tell us what you need a vacuum solution for and we’ll mock the concept. In fact, we'll trial the best products with your samples, video the results and quote, no commitment required.

Vacuum Handling Solution

Vacuum Solutions

Simmatic Automation Specialists has been providing industrial handling solutions for over 20 years. Furthermore, using extensive expertise, we have evolved to produce in-house end of arm tooling and vacuum handling solutions. What's more, Simmatic has a clear vision of the future’s requirement to automate process solutions.

Pneumatic Solution

Pneumatic Solutions

We specialise in designing bespoke systems, advising correct use and latest developments available from the industry. Additionally, we have UK distribution agreements with Aircomp and Airwork, both with their own specialisms.


“They always offer technical advice when needed, and give a reliable service of which I can always depend upon. They’re a fast, forward thinking Team”

Our Partners


Airwork is a European manufacturing company specialising in designing and manufacturing of pneumatic automation solutions.

We have been proud to represent Airwork in the UK since 2005, a partnership that allows us to bring you the very best in automation solutions.

Vmeca vacuum handling equipment

In 2002 VMECA of Korea became key supplier. This innovative company offers ground-breaking vacuum technology and extends our ability to provide leading-edge solutions to you.

The pioneering VMECA vacuum cartridges are tolerant of air pressure fluctuations and excellent for applications such as box erector, pick & place, and palletize where an extra high flow rate is required to compensate for porosity or leakage.


Aircomp Automation is a division of Stampotecnica, Correggio, Italy. Simmatic are proud to be an official partner with these manufacturers of pneumatic automation equipment, specialising in the use of technopolymers.


Movomech is a Swedish manufacturer of ergonomic industrial lifting equipment. From a first-class overhead crane system in aluminium to complete material handling solutions with advanced industrial manipulators and tailor-made gripper tools.