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Packaging Vacuum Handling Solutions

Simmatic can offer broad experience within the packaging industry.

In fact, our packaging vacuum handling solutions are some of the best in the world. We can deliver everything from simple advice about suitable products for box erecting. Through to handling more tricky thin film foil and plastics, where the final product needs to be left in shelf-ready condition. Moreover, the packaging industry allows us to show our strengths as a company. For example, taking samples and mocking concepts, then videoing results so that you, the customer, can have confidence at the critical end of the system.

Interestingly, the packaging industry is one of the more diverse industries. As such, each handled product is very much different from the last, along with complexities such as weight and speed constraints. Furthermore, different textures and porosity levels are common obstacles. Especially as thin cellophane and plastic bags holding dense food items can often look problematic initially.

However, using the configurable VMECA Magic Gripper, we can tailor a specific solution each time. Sometimes these need to be multi functioning, handling bags to boxes so no complex tool change is required. For palletising boxes and layer sheets the VMECA V-Grip can handle big weights. Both the Magic Gripper and V-Grip come with their own built in vacuum generators at the point of use, so only use the optimum amount of compressed air for instant response times. Using lightweight materials lets you have the freedom to use the correctly specified robot or machine rather than the belt and braces approach. Ultimately, keeping packaging vacuum handling solutions competitive, rather than over capacity that is often seen.


Packaging Vacuum Handling Solutions

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