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Food Packaging Vacuum Handling Solutions

Specialists Within The Food Industry

Simmatic Automation has found ever growing success within the food industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of different gauges of thin plastics or foils, irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging. We always have a food handling project ongoing through evaluation – it’s our specialty! Generally, food packaging will always need a trials-based solution, which we offer, so you can confidently develop around a known solution. With vacuum handling products like the Magic Gripper we are able to configure a bespoke reliable concept, Vacuum Conveyors are for your bulk powder/granular ingredients, V-Grips for placement of layered products like jars, bottles and boxes, we have total process expertise.

Food automation is a quickly growing sector. There’s a pressure from giant food retailers to drive best consumer prices and margins while eliminating human error and expensive labour. This means the automation involved has to be free from down time, over delivering on machine performance. At Simmatic we trial and test customer driven solutions to deliver the fastest response times available using serviceable items on live lines, without any specific training for ultimate reliability.