Electrovalves Series VA

Airwork presents the new series of valves VA, designed to answer to the requests always more demanding of reduced dimensions without giving up to solidity and robustness. Here is our answer, a series of valves electrically and pneumatically controlled with width 15mm entirely made in aluminium. The VA series is pre-arranged with air outlets directly on the valve body; this allows the use both single (with the valve applied on the panel or on the cylinder) or on modular sub-base, thus obtaining the maximum versatility.

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Key points:

  • reduced dimensions (15mm)
  • low current absorption (1W)
  • modern design and compactness, which renders the installation easy and avoids the accumulation of dirt
  • components made of metal in order to guarantee a long duration even in demanding environments
  • flexibility: the valve can be assembled singly on the wall, on sub-bases and on multi-polar connecting unit
  • 3 different types of connection: lower, lateral and DIN 15mm.
  • led indicating functioning, well visible
  • monostable manual acting
  • sub-base with exclusive modular system
VA83, VA85, VA86


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