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Automotive Vacuum Handling Equipment

Simmatic has a long standing interest in the Automotive industry. From early successes with JLR on press sheet transfer robot lines in early 2000’s, we have developed a deep understanding on the demands Automotive has on industry. As a result, we have developed into areas of prestige like Formula 1.

We have the industry’s leading materials in vacuum cups for automotive vacuum handling equipment. Which means we can support our customers in producing higher and higher levels of conformance. Especially where precision panels of highest complexity need to push the envelope of what is possible with vacuum handling. Furthermore, we help production process engineers move panels 400 and even 500 degrees successfully, allowing discerned customers of Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini to shortlist the most perfect machine of their choice. The cups, coupled with the ever expanding choice of vacuum generating equipment, we, at Simmatic are at hand to help you get the most from your production concepts and equipment.

Automotive vacuum handling equipment that excels in porformance

Having such rich history embedded into the Automotive industry, we recognise the importance of rapid responses with totally reliable solutions. It is easy to see the vast needs for handling glass and metallic panels we all see as the shell of a car. However,  beyond this, awkward light clusters, modern fabrics and brand specific car furniture are all handled using vacuum, even wiper blades. No matter where you are in the production line, Simmatic has the experience to advise you on your most suitable handling solution.

In fact, for a number of years we have been advising on the most economical use of vacuum, which becomes more and more relevant the longer the cycle time. Therefore, laser fixtures and checking fixtures should always consider air savings kits whereby thousands of litres of air can be saved in a short shift. Not only saving money and allowing resources go to different plant, but also helping with carbon emission targets where state funding can help you help the environment.


Automotive vacuum handling equipment

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