About Us

Simmatic Automation Specialists are a Worcestershire based company established in 1997. We supply pneumatic and vacuum handling products to numerous industries including food and drink, manufacturing and automotive. Additionally, Simmatic boasts extensive expertise in industrial handling solutions, offering the latest in technological developments to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

What’s more, we do far more than just offer a catalogue of products. In fact, Simmatic take on the position of coming up with a proposal for a problem, working closely with our customers to understand how they need our kit to operate. Furthermore, we always make every effort to provide a tangible solution for our customers to use with complete confidence. Take a look at our social media pages for all the latest news.

This innovation is achieved through representing forward-thinking companies such as VMECA and Airwork. VMECA’s compressed air driven vacuum pumps have industry leading potential for pick and place robotics and handling applications. Not to mention, Simmatic automation specialists are experts in helping customers choose the right product from the range.

Challenge Us

Simmatic is so confident in our service, we invite you to challenge us. Tell us what you need a vacuum solution for and we’ll mock the concept. In fact, we'll trial the best products with your samples, video the results and quote, no commitment required.


Vacuum Solutions

Simmatic Automation Specialists has been providing industrial handling solutions for over 20 years. Furthermore, using extensive expertise, we have evolved to produce in-house end of arm tooling and vacuum handling solutions. What's more, Simmatic has a clear vision of the future’s requirement to automate process solutions.


Pneumatic Solutions

We specialise in designing bespoke systems, advising correct use and latest developments available from the industry. Additionally, we have UK distribution agreements with Aircomp and Airwork, both with their own specialisms.