Vacuum Case Studies

At Simmatic we are always applying the latest technological advances in vacuum so that you get the benefit of our depth of knowledge coupled with the leading innovations. Here is a sample view of some of our products and how they can be applied.

For more videos and applications please view our gallery Vacuum Gallery Link for all kinds of vacuum pick and place, vacuum fixtures and anywhere else the customer journey took us. If you are here because you need help with a solution Challenge Us Link, where possible we can give same day responses.

VGRIP System

PPMA 2018 Award Entry

Company: Simmatic Automation Category: Innovative Ancillary Equipment Project: Medical products pick-and-place machine upgrade   Company Profile  Simmatic Automation is an expert in developing and implementing automation solutions based on vacuum…

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M3000 Magic Vacuum Pumps

Simmatic Gives Soft-Drink Syrup a Herculean Lift!

Vacuum systems expert Simmatic was recently approached by mechanical handling company LAC Conveyors & Automation, to supply a convenient and cost-effective solution for a heavyweight lifting application. The challenging system…

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VCS102 pump and level spring

Simmatic puts level compensator and vacuum pump in one body

Pumps in the latest VCS range from vacuum expert Simmatic combine in the same body; a high-efficiency vacuum pump with no moving parts and a level compensator that allows the…

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Simmatic customers get big benefits from new website

Users of VMECA vacuum products, which are supplied and supported in the UK by Simmatic, are now able to benefit from a new and improved VMECA website. The new site,…

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Magic Pump

See the Magic Pump in action!

You can now see one of Simmatic’s most popular products, the M3000 Magic Pump, in action on YouTube. Visit and a 3D animation will show you how the component…

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Too Hot to handle

Playing ‘hot-potato’ with sheet metal at 400 degrees Celsius

In some manufacturing processes, sheet metal panels emerge from the production line at temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. And, for many manufacturers, safely handling these panels is a…

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Getting a Grip on the Awkward Squad

When it comes to gripping and handling irregularly shaped or loosely wrapped produces, vacuum lifting is often the only viable solution. But some vacuum lifting systems are decidedly more versatile…

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VTCX Series

Vacuum Made Easy With Turtle Pumps

The latest range of Turtle pumps from vacuum expert Simmatic feature a unique all-in-one design that enables big savings to be made in the cost and complexity of vacuum systems…

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