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Vacuum Solution

Simmatic Automation Specialists

Simmatic Automation Specialists has been providing industrial handling solutions for over 20 years. Using extensive expertise, the company has evolved to produce in-house end of arm tooling and vacuum handling solutions. Simmatic has a clear vision of the future’s requirement to automate process solutions.

Representing likeminded innovative forward- thinking companies such as Vmeca and Airwork ensures it can keep offering the very latest in technological developments that best suit the customer’s needs. The firm invites you to challenge it with your difficult-to-handle pouches, sachets and boxes and it will give you the most optimised and reliable solution for your process. Just send them to the company and detail the process and it will get a video supported offer to you.

Recently, Simmatic was challenged to handle sausage rolls and pasties at two per second and developed an in-house EOAT which gave a totally reliable solution despite the difficulty of delicate pastry.