Compact Guided Cylinders With Cushion

  • High precision guide bushings with high resistance to wear
  • Rectified front plate to guarantee the maximum planarity
  • Machined body from aluminium profile, with sand blasting and anodization treatment to harden surfaces
  • High resistance polyurethane seals
  • PTFE based grease with high performances for sealing’s longer lifetime

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Airwork’s guided compact cylinder CC series family grows thanks to a new version with a self-regulating pneumatic cushioning.

It’s a simple system that offers many advantages:

  •  It’s a low-cost cushioning system
  •  The end-stroke shock noise is totally removed
  •  It’s always available because it’s realized with standard components
  •  Thanks to the pneumatic cushioning it’s possible to increase the speed rather than the standard version
CC40, CC41


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