Perfect Foodbag Opening Solution

VMECA’s eco-friendly vacuum generators are the perfect foodbag opening solution. Green Pumps are excellent to use with products placed in sterile conditions. With a dust filtering function, they are efficient with energy and air consumption and the integrated VMECA vacuum cartridge gives excellent performance. The image below pictures the GH253F-AGH203F-B designs…

VMECA Green Pump

Eco-Friendly Vacuum Generators

VMECA’s Green Pumps are sleek in design, corrosion-resistant, and made with RoHS compliant materials: Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive – this makes them ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Compared with other vacuum generators, a Green Pump uses 53% less energy, due to the integration of VMECA’s patented vacuum cartridge technology. Green Pumps can easily be configured with Simmatic’s range of VMECA vacuum cups, including Magic Cups.

When it comes to meeting food industry & pharmaceutical regulations, we know it’s not an easy task. So, we want to make sure vacuum pumps are the least of your worries.

Key Features of Green Pumps:

  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Free from toxic heavy metal
  • Durable to withstand daily sanitation routines

Green Pumps can also be configured with VMECA’s metal detectable and FDA approved food grade quality silicon suction cups as shown in the GIF (right) and video (below)…

VMECA’s Green Pumps demonstrating food bag opening …

Perfect Food Bag Opening Solution

Here’s VMECA’s Green Pump demonstration video – giving a full and detailed view together with explanations…

Easy Maintenance:

  • Integrated self-cleaning filters
  • Check filter through clear window of the silencer
  • If extra cleaning required: Simply twist the silencer off by hand

VMECA’s comprehensive range of air-driven vacuum pumps, suction cups, and vacuum conveyor systems are perfect for the food industry and ideal solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Many of Simmatic’s recently solved challenges are listed on our Blog Page – complete with video demonstrations. You will see fruitvegetablesbricks and much more handled with success. So, if you are gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have both the products and knowledge to deliver you with the right solution.

Ask Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd about our perfect foodbag opening solution and challenge us with your difficult to handle products. We can show you how to solve all your industrial vacuum handling applications.

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