Demonstrating VMECA’s Magic Gripper

In conjunction with British Food Fortnight 2021 Simmatic are demonstrating VMECA’s Magic Gripper fitted with the X25 magic cup. Our video highlights the adaptability of the MC10D Magic Gripper; not only can it pick and place individual pieces – an apple and pear, the gripper will also vacuum handle a pre-packed carton of blackberries.

Some automated systems need multiple points of contact with several cups. Each Magic Gripper generates its own vacuum working independently so, a cup failure or poor contact from one cup will not compromise other cups. For a complete end of arm solution VMECA has a dedicated aluminium extrusion which, not only presents the gripper, it acts as an air distribution manifold, further reducing the requirement for fittings and simplifying installation.

Simmatic Automation can tailor a Magic Gripper specific to your project’s demands to vacuum handle bags, boxes, films, foils, foods, glass, steel, wood or laminates, jars or bottles – start with the Magic Gripper.
Ask Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd about VMECA’s Magic Gripper all-in-one vacuum solution and challenge us with your difficult to handle products. Let us show you how to solve all your vacuum handling applications.

British Food Fortnight 2021 is taking place between 18th September – 3rd October. This is the 20th year of the national celebration of the diverse and delicious food that Britain produces.