Highlighting VMECA’s MC20DMagic Gripper

Simmatic are highlighting VMECA’s MC20DMagic Gripper fitted with DD dual lip vacuum cups. These suction cups have a 30mm inner lip and 40mm outer lip giving two opportunities to form a perfect vacuum seal on the product; making it ideal to pick and place curved objects such as mushrooms, potatoes, courgettes and marrows. This pick and place vacuum solution is also ideal for fine gauge foils, films and plastics. Take a look at our MC20DMagic Gripper demonstration video…

Highlighting VMECA’s MC20DMagic Gripper

The UK celebrates “veggie month” in March every year. Did you know? …
Potatoes are one of the most environmentally friendly vegetables. They’re easy to grow, and don’t require massive amounts of fertilizer and chemical additives to thrive like many other vegetables do!

Simmatic Automation has found ever growing success providing vacuum solutions within the food industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging; FDA approved cups are the vacuum solution you’re looking for – they will solve all your direct food handling applications.

Here at Simmatic we’re specialists in helping customers choose the right product from the range. We do far more than just offer a catalogue of products. Simmatic offer a proposal for a problem, working closely with our customer to make sure the kit will work how they need it to and providing a tangible solution for our customer to use with confidence. In fact, we actively invite companies to “Challenge Us” with products that need to be vacuum handled. We’ll mock a concept, test different vacuum solutions with samples and create a video for our customer showing the results.

Simmatic Automation is proud to be celebrating 25 years in business 1997 – 2022.
With our impressive track record of addressing these challenges, you’re almost guaranteed to have your vacuum handling problem solved. Whether its boxes, pouches or sachets, Simmatic provide an optimised and reliable solution to handle your products with ease. Take a look…

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