Vacuum Gripper Module

New Product: Simmatic have launched into the UK a full range of “End Of Arm” gripper modules. These modular vacuum cups with integral, point of use vacuum generators, are ideal for applications where alluminium extrusion  gripper assemblies are required. The modules come with optional T nut mountings for 6 and 8mm Slot Profiles, making them easily mountable and infinitely adjustable. They can be paired up with slave units (modules fitted without integral vacuum cartridges) or mounted individually to give individual vacuum per vacuum cup.  The Vacuum Speeder Modules come with optional Quick release system, this option requires no additional valve output (Patent Pending). Utilises the very effecient Vtec Cartridge system consuming  17-35 Nl/min of compressed air but achieving High flow upto 85nl/min and max vacuum to -90kPa. Can be interchanged with Other models such as the VGS3010 range. Applications range from individual Pick and Place to Multiple Gripper assemblies.