Mega Turtle Vacuum Pump

Simmatic are pleased to announce the release of the New VMECA Mega Turtle Pump for the UK market. This totally unique Multi Stage Vacuum Pump uses VMECA cartridge technology to achieve High Vacuum Flows upto 1364l/min Max Vacuum to -93kPa at 4bar. The Integral Pleated Polyester Filter gives a large surface area and has the option of reverse air cleaning. The small volume area of the pump and filter gives fast response times in evacuation. Optional extras include Make / break solenoid valves (self cleaning filter), air  saving kit and digital vacuum switch. With all of the optional extras the Mega Turtle Pump reduces costs in installation, design and assembly of complex vacuum circuits. This air operated multi stage vacuum pump is manufactured in PPS reducing the overall wieght and size significantly compared to aluminium bodied COAX type alternatives with external filters. With no moving parts the VMECA Mega Turtle Vacuum Pump requires minimal maintenance. The pump is easily dismantled, cartridges and filter elements can be removed within minutes.