Simmatic Halved Air Consumption

Simmatic have more than halved the Air Consumption used on a Pick and Place destacker, placing Plasterboard and Ply. The customer required a solution to reduce the amount of air being consumed by an existing venturi driven vacuum system. Simmatic replaced all of the existing Coval and Convum vacuum equipment with the new Mega Turtle Vacuum Pump and cups from VMECA (VTEC). The Turtle pump is a combined Multi stage Vacuum Generator with integral Vacuum Filter, solenoid Valves for Make and Break, digital Vacuum Switch to detect board presence and an Economy Kit that shuts off the air supply on achieving Vacuum Level.

The customer required a complete solution, Simmatic supplied a complete Bolt On replacement for the existing system. All that was required to install this system was a single 8mm Air Line, 2 x 24vdc Outputs for Vacuum On / Off and a single Input for the Vacuum Switch. Filters were also fitted to all of the Vacuum Cups in addition to the Internal filter. The Vacuum Off Solenoid purges air into the vacuum circuit and reverse cleans the filters.