VMECA Turtle Pumps get to Grip with Roofing Tiles

Simmatic Automation gets to grip with Redland Roofing Tiles. The harsh environment of loose grit, sand and varying surface textures, required a Vacuum pump that would cope with the dust and deliver high performance with fast cycle speeds. The VMECA Turtle Pump from Simmatic incorporates a built in Pleated filter that is Reverse air cleaned after each tile, maintaining flow and Vacuum levels. The Control valves for the Vacuum pump are mounted directly to the pump maximising the speed of response and delivering 25 cycles per minute. To reach these speeds the pump was mounted as close to the Vacuum Pads as possible. The Pumps exceptionally light weight of 1013g, and small size delivered 1448 Nl/min flow at 75-kPa.

Simmatic were also able to supply the complete Pneumatic Control Package that included a special three position back to back cylinder with failsafe rod lock.  The Pneumatics were supplied by Simmatic’s partner in Italy www.airwork.it.