Vacuum Failsafe Lifter

A well known Vacuum Lifting company had a problem handling large street light assemblies into cardboard packaging. One of the areas they had to look into was the problem of dropping the product in the event of electrical or air failure resulting in a loss of vacuum. Simmatic supplied a control system with all of the necessary hardware to maintain vacuum in the event of power or air failure. The system incorporates the VMECA VTM50 Classic Multi Stage Vacuum Pump with Air Saving Device and a 10 litre Air Receiver. In the event of Mains or Air failure, the system fails to the Air receiver and maintains air to the vacuum pump. The air is only required to replenish the loss of vacuum and small amounts of air is controlled to the vacuum pump via the Air Saving Device fitted to the vacuum pump. This works using an adjustable diaphragm operated pneumatic switch on the vacuum side of the VTM50 with non return valve fitted. The result gave the customer more than 2 Hours of safe lifting force after complete mains and electrical failure.