Design Your Own Multi Stage Vacuum Generator

The increasing demand on Design engineers of vacuum handling equipment, to develop faster, lighter and lower cost vacuum solutions, can give problems sourcing equipment that will integrate neatly into the tighter design constraints of their new design. Simmatic have a solution, the VMECA vacuum cartridges. These Vacuum devices are the integral parts of much of the New VMECA Multi stage Vacuum  Generator range, they are Multi Stage Venturi type nozzles, designed to be easily integrated into Vacuum Fixtures, vacuum heads, vacuum grippers, vacuum shafts or mandrels. Due to their size and weight they are ideally suited to be integrated right at the working end of your vacuum device, giving you maximum performance just where you need it. The photograph is a vacuum gripper designed by Ishida in Birmingham using the latest modelling techniques to produce a super lightweight vacuum gripper on their high speed Delta robots. The gripper incorporates two VMECA 2 stage vacuum cartridges giving maximum performance.