Simmatic New SY Valve Series

Simmatic are pleased to announce the arrival of Our New SY valve range of solenoid Valves in M5, 1/8 BSP and 1/4BSP.  These are a drop in alternative or replacement to SMC type SY Valves. The coils are 24vdc 0.4W  with LED and Diode Surge Protection, other voltages on request.  For all pneumatic circuits we have also included the Pilot operated SYA range. These valves combine extremely small overall dimensions with high flow performance in excess of 500l/min for 1/8 and 900l/min for 1/4, fast switching approx. 12ms for double solenoid, and only weighing 53 grams. Models include SY3120-5LZ-M5-F, SY3220-5LZ-M5-F, SY5120-5LZ-01-F, SY5220-5LZ-01-F, SY7120-5LZ-02-F, SY7220-5LZ-02F. Simmatic are pleased to offer these valves at very competitive prices and welcome any price challenge.

Please contact Simmatic for further details