PPMA 2015


What would you like to see next?

You may already be aware we are exhibiting our vacuum range at the process packaging machinery association show next month. http://www.ppma.co.uk

As much as we would like too, we can’t take the full chest of toys. We have so many new innovations that we will take what we can, however, this is your chance to tell us what products you will be handling soon and we will take the solution product’s to the show with us and invite you to come and bring your sample trays, bags, boxes or whatever peculiar surfaces to be held. As our website offers, challenge us https://simmatic.co.uk/help-centre/challenge-us/, we will look at a tailored solution, video record the results and get to you a quotation.

If you do make it to the show, we will certainly showcase our new magic pump with indexable sections allowing selecting the perfect port configuration at the build stage.
The new super lightweight V-Grip, has been put on a diet, trimmed and lightened to enable process robots to achieve optimum speeds.
Our mega premium pump, based on the premium pump, but can take up to 16 cartridges giving us 4 times the flows originally available from that range which will be shelving many a rotary vane pump!
Along with familiar turtle pumps, magic cups for all those awkward bags, VQ fast response pumps, spider speeders for those flexipicker arms plus much more.

If you can’t make it, the challenge us offer is our ongoing pledge to help that step further so you can have confidence in great results.

All the best from the Simmatic team.