VMECA Vacuum Grippers

If you manufacture or Integrate Robots for Palletising Applications you will be potentially very interested in the VMECA Vacuum Gripper.

The VMECA VGRIP range of Vacuum Gripper Plates offer different sizes and set ups to suit different applications. Whether you are handling Boxes or Bags we can supply a face plate and valve arrangement to suit.

The body is manufactured from lightweight aluminium, BLUE anodised extrusion with integrated T slots for ease of mounting.

Vacuum can be supplied either by way of integral patented VMECA Cartridges or external supply from a vacuum pump. The Patented VMECA Vacuum cartridges reduce the distance between the vacuum source and the product to a minimum, significantly increasing the response time from grip to release. Also you are reducing the additional hardware and engineering associated with external pumps, such as  Large Vacuum pipework, fittings, installation and design time. Vacuum and Release control valves can be configured directly in the ports of the Vacuum gripper to increase response times further.

Depending on your application will determine your selection of Face Plate, generally the EPDM sponge face plates are more suited to the flat products such as Cardboard boxes, layer sheets, pallets and wood panels. The Faceplates with Vacuum Cups are more suited to Bagged Products, Wrapped Film, pouches, sachets and vacuum packed produce.

If you are unsure we are here to help and can advise and trial your product on one of our many demonstration models.

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