Latest Release Jan 2017 – VMECA Magic Gripper

Simmatic are pleased to announce the release of a completely New Range of Configurable Vacuum Grippers.

The VMECA Magic Gripper is a collection of different vacuum components that simplify the assembly of Vacuum Grippers and EOAT. Each Vacuum Gripper can be supplied in Kit form or completely assembled and customised to your own requirements.  The Gripper is assembled using an interface plate with Aluminium Profile with integral Air Supplies for Vacuum and Release. Three different sizes of Vacuum Generator are available in the New Series, all with options for M6 or M8 Locknuts to suit the relevant Profile. The Body of the generator adapts neatly to our hugely popular Magic cups which conveniently clip over without the need for any tools. The selection of Magic Cup lips has been increased to encompass a much wider range of surfaces and textures, making some of the more difficult materials achievable.

The VMECA Magic Gripper gives endless combinations in a simple lightweight design, super efficient at a very competitive price.

For more Information please contact Simmatic on 01299 877770, to view the Magic Gripper in action please follow: