James Bond-worthy grippers

We’ve all seen those James Bond films where the suave 007 spy enters the compound of some villain by gracefully climbing glass walls… Dressed in a black turtleneck and using some high power suction cups he smoothly travels upward, without leaving the slightest trace behind.

But just imagine for a second that Bond did not have the best grippers, and his suckers left tiny circles up and down the building he’s trying to climb. Baddy McVillain-Face would soon catch on to 007’s ruse and it would be game over.

As usual, fictional characters are very good at predicting future industrial innovations. Here at Simmatic we have recently developed a new range of suction cups that are ideal for gripping and handling glass sheets – and they’re guaranteed not to leave marks!

When conventional suction cups are used for handling glass, minute traces of the material from which the cups are made migrates into the surface of the glass. No amount of cleaning will completely remove this, so the cup marks will reappear if, for example, the glass fogs up. In premium applications, this is not acceptable. The new Simmatic suction cups are, however, manufactured from a novel material that resists migration to the glass, with the result that the marking problem is completely eliminated.

Using suction cups made from this material, Simmatic can develop solutions that ensure reliable handling of glass sheets in even the most dynamic processes. The Simmatic handling system is also very gentle in operation, allowing it to be used even with thin, fragile panes of glass.

As for suction cups that can help you climb a villain’s skyscraper – even Simmatic is not quite there yet! But should Q require some knowhow to help Bond tackle his rather more industrial glass handling challenges, we’ll be more than happy to help out with our non-marking glass grippers.