Simmatic VD pumps are the all-in-one solution

VD Pumps

Vacuum pumps in the latest VD range from Simmatic provide all of the functionality needed for a typical vacuum system in a single compact unit. The need for separate valves, manifolds and other ancillary components, along with the pipework to interconnect them, is eliminated. This simplifies systems design and provides big savings in assembly time and component costs.

As standard, VD pumps have a body with either a G3/4” or G1/2” vacuum port, plus six G1/8” ports, so no external manifold is needed. The pumps also incorporate vacuum filters, and can optionally be fitted with air control and vacuum release valves, a digital vacuum switch and a two-stage silencer that ensures very low noise levels during operation.

The pumps are available in four versions. All operate from a nominal 7 bar compressed air supply and all are exceptionally tolerant of low or fluctuation air pressure. Models VD303 and VD302 generate a maximum vacuum level of 93 –kPa at flow rates up to 341 and 171 Nl/m respectively, while models VDL303 and VDL302 incorporate the optional AS-Kit (air-saving kit) and produce a maximum vacuum level of 75 –kPa at flow rates up to 362 and 200 Nl/m respectively.

Other key features of VD pumps from Simmatic are their compact design, which allows them to be located close to the point where the vacuum is needed thereby eliminating the need for long pipe runs, and their fast response, which means that the pumps can be switched off to save energy when vacuum is not needed, and switched on again instantly when the demand for vacuum returns.

Simmatic’s experienced engineers provide expert support on all aspects of vacuum systems and applications, including advice on the selection and use of products in the VD Pump range. The company also offers fast delivery and competitive pricing on both standard and customised products for vacuum applications.