Simmatic demonstrates VMECA’s V-Grip Systems

Picking up objects of different shapes, sizes, and porous materials can be challenging. VMECA’s V-Grip System is an innovative vacuum gripper with built-in vacuum generators. It has been designed with a lightweight aluminium body frame, has slots for easy installation, and requires very low maintenance. Take a look at the capabilities…

Varying Sized Glass Jars

Simmatic were challenged to pick and place a variation of different sized glass jars and plastic packaged honey into cardboard trays for shrink wrapping. We used the VMECA V-Grip: G130x1000-L8-ES1 with EPDM sponge face for the glass jars and a single VD303S-12 for the plastic, to provide a multifunction gripper head.


Prepacked Olives

Our challenge was to pick and place packaged olives. VMECA’s NEW Mini V-Grips G50 or larger V-Grip G130 with Magic Gripper option both fitted with EPDM sponge – this can be populated with small vacuum cups instead of sponge.

Boxed Vials

Simmatic have successfully delivered solutions into the pharmaceutical industry of varying complexity. Here’s VMECA’s V-Grip system vacuum handling boxed vials.