Happy Easter to all our Customers and Suppliers

In our Easter video we’re demonstrating the versatility of VMECA’s MC25 and MC10 Magic Grippers

VMECA’s Magic Grippers are a general purpose, all-in-one vacuum system that covers most applications. The Magic Gripper has eliminated the need to purchase separate fittings, connection hoses, filters, and suction cups as they come as a one-piece standard. The ultra-lightweight and compact design allows for easy mounting options. Easy to use, and no tools required when replacing spare parts. A variety of sealing lip options allow for the Magic Gripper to grasp all different kinds of objects.
• Cost efficient
• Easy to build vacuum systems
• Various suction lips
• Fast response & excellent performance
• Individual vacuum systems
• 73% less energy consumption
• Custom profile options – easy mounting
• Various flow rate options available
• VMECA multi-stage vacuum cartridge integrated