Pick and Place Vacuum Solution for 20kg of Compost

Simmatic are ready for the Bank Holiday, are you? Many people’s long weekend will involve being in the garden, catching up on essential tasks or just enjoying being outside and making the most of the good weather.
As part of our challenge us programme, Simmatic Automation were requested to vacuum handle a 20kg bag of compost ? In our video we’re using 8 x MC25 VMECA Magic Grippers attached to a bespoke laser cut aluminium mounting plate. Take a look at the results…

Simmatic actively invite companies to challenge them with difficult-to-handle products. To contact us click here
Simmatic’s top compost gardening tips for the May Bank Holiday:
1. Repair bare patches of lawn with turf. Prepare the bare soil by levelling off with compost then firm in the turf. Foot traffic needs to be kept to a minimum and water regularly. Within a couple of weeks, you will have a lush patch of lawn!
2. If you grow plants in containers May is time to feed them. Sprinkle the fertiliser on the surface and gently work it into the top spoil.
3. Nasturtium plants are so easy to grow and can be climbing, cascading, or bushy. They could not be easier to sow – just push them into damp compost and look forward to beautiful results…