St George’s fire breathing dragon is no match for these cups!

In honour of St George’s Day, be the saviour of the production line and slay all your “too hot to handle” problems with Simmatic’s vacuum solutions. Our specifically designed suction cup material – Viton, can withstand high temperatures whilst safely manoeuvring products.

In some manufacturing processes, sheet metal panels emerge from the production line at temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius! Thanks to the high-quality suction cups from VMECA, this would be no battle for you or your kingdom. Our novel suction cups are able to handle blanks as well as formed sheet metal parts – even convex surfaces.

With metal panels, such as those used in the manufacture of vehicle bodies, the weight and therefore the thickness of the metal must, in almost all cases, be kept to a minimum. This means that the panels distort easily, especially when hot. As well as dealing with high temperatures, Simmatic’s vacuum solution eliminates the risk of distortion, allowing the panels to be
handled easily, reliably and with total confidence.

Our vacuum cups are silicone and PWIS-free. They are manufactured from advanced fluorocarbon-based materials so can resist temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius for short periods. In addition, they leave no residue and produce virtually no marking of the panels, which means that subsequent finishing processes, such as painting, are entirely problem free.

Simmatic actively invite companies to challenge them with difficult-to-handle products – email: [email protected]