Premium Speeder Vacuum Solution – Underwater Test

The VMECA Premium Speeder is a one body structure design with suction cup attachment. There are three different models available: PS210, PS220 & PS230 – all have different vacuum flow rates. The Premium Speeder Vacuum Solution can be an optimised solution for high porosity and leakage applications. With its unique design & structure the vacuum nozzle inside the vacuum generator does not clog with dust, particles and even water – achieved by having a straight through design from the vacuum face to exhaust:

  • Excellent for irregular surface products
  • Various shapes of suction lips, stoppers and different materials available
  • Select optimised suction cup depending on application

Watch ? our video to see the results…

The packaging industry is one of the more diverse industries. Every handled product is different from the last, with complexities such as weight and speed constraints. Different textures and porosity levels are common obstacles – thin cellophane and plastic bags holding dense food items can often look problematic initially.
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