VMECA’s Magic Gripper handling solution

Handling films, bags, cans, bottles, packets, foils and foods (to name a few) start with VMECA’s Magic Gripper.
In our video the robot is fitted with a multifunctional ‘End of Arm Gripper’ demonstrating how adaptable one handling solution can be working in conjunction with VMECA’s Magic Gripper. The Magic Gripper MC10A has XP Magic Cup attachments & the Magic Gripper MC20A is fitted with an S-Type Magic Cup.

Some systems need multiple points of contact. Each Magic Gripper generates its own vacuum and works independently so, a cup failure or poor contact from one cup does not compromise other cups. For a complete end of arm handling solution, VMECA has a dedicated aluminium extrusion which not only presents the Gripper it also acts as an air distribution manifold, further reducing the requirement for fittings and simplifying installation.

Eco-friendly Materials
The Magic Gripper can be redeployed onto different machinery rather than scrapped and if that’s not possible, a recent study found, 95% of the materials used to produce the Magic Gripper are recyclable. So, if a machine or robot becomes obsolete you can be certain the end-of-life impact of the Magic Gripper is minimal.