Magic Gripper Box Palletiser for Dog Food

The Magic Gripper is unique to the vacuum handling market. This clever innovation from VMECA takes the already very successful configurable Magic Cup and offers it coupled directly to a carefully measured vacuum source so, a tailored gripper specific to the project’s demands can be created from one line of products – the Magic Gripper. Our video shows the Magic Gripper Box Palletiser for Dog Food, the end result of Simmatic Automation’s collaboration with RARUK Automation Ltd and Whitlow Engineering Limited.

The Magic Gripper Box Palletiser for Dog Food has 16 x Magic Grippers zoned into two halves, controlled by independent control valves, allowing them to lift four boxes of dog food and place four or two at a time. A laser cut aluminium mounting plate was also supplied by Simmatic allowing the customer to connect directly to a universal robot.

Did you know?  National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26th every year!

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