VMECA’s Magic Gripper the all-in-one vacuum solution

Simmatic are demonstrating the versatility of VMECA’s Magic Gripper the all-in-one vacuum solution that covers most handling applications. This innovative product has eliminated the need to purchase separate fittings, connection hoses, filters, and suction cups as the Magic Gripper comes as a one-piece standard. The ultra-lightweight and compact design allows for easy mounting options. Easy to use, no tools required when replacing spare parts. A variety of sealing lip options are available allowing the Magic Gripper to grasp a variety of different objects – shown here fitted with a sponge EPDM sealing lip.

Ask Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd about VMECA’s Magic Gripper all-in-one vacuum solution and challenge us with your difficult to handle products. Contact us and we’ll show you how to solve all your vacuum handling applications.

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