Simmatic celebrating 25 years in business

Simmatic Automation is proud to be celebrating 25 years in business 1997 – 2022. Happy New Year! From our company to yours.
Raise a toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s brighter future.

Simmatic Automation Specialists are a Worcestershire based company established in 1997.
Dale Simmonds, our MD, had a vision to provide high quality handling solutions at an affordable price. Using his extensive knowledge, Simmatic has evolved to produce in-house end of arm tooling and industrial vacuum handling solutions.
We’re experts in vacuum and pneumatic solutions and supply handling products to numerous industries including food and drink, manufacturing and automotive. Our experienced engineers have skills to offer the latest in technological developments with a clear vision of the future’s requirement to automate process solutions.
Customer Focus: We take on the position of coming up with a proposal for a problem and work closely with customers to understand how they need our kit to operate. Our focus on detail has created both loyal and new customers over the past 25 years. Simmatic Automation always help businesses choose the right product from our ranges.

Simmatic’s innovation is achieved through representing forward-thinking companies such as VMECA and Airwork. VMECA’s compressed air driven vacuum pumps have industry leading potential for pick and place robotics and handling applications and Airwork specialise in the design and manufacture of pneumatic cylinders, valves and air treatment.

Did you know Simmatic also have a 3D printer? Giving us the facilities to design and print gripper frames and support for End of Arm Tooling (EOAT). This also allows us to create bespoke customer specific tailored solutions.
If you’re looking for an industrial vacuum handling solution contact Simmatic Automation now.
We invite companies to “Challenge us! With difficult to handle products” – we’ll mock a concept, test different vacuum solutions with samples and create a video for you showing the results.

Simmatic celebrating 25 years in business:

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