VMECA’s Magic Pumps

Simmatic Automation are delighted to introduce VMECA’s Magic Pumps to our vacuum generator range. This new multifunctional product is adaptable, configurable and lightweight. Further key features include:

  • Quick vacuum response time for high-speed applications
  • Rotatable structure to fit individual space requirements
  • High performance vacuum flow – comparable to a 2.5kw rotary vane vacuum pump

Take a look at the demonstration video…

These new products are extremely reliable, boast innovated strength and updated technology. VMECA’s Magic Pumps are compact, quiet and easy to install. Click here for full product details.

VMECA’s Magic Pumps

VMECA’s Magic Pumps

  • Rotatable structure to fit in various positions and situations
  • Compatible with the Air-Saving Kit (AS-KIT) to substantially minimize energy consumption
  • Capable in dusty environments with its innovative auto filter cleaning system
  • Quick start-up and processing time
  • Patented design

Why not take advantage of the optional Air Saving Kit (AS-KIT). This allows the pump to achieve a pre-set and adjustable vacuum depth, which then turns off the make solenoid, so the unit consumes no further compressed air until the vacuum level drops -11 kPa when it cuts the air supply back in, recovering the losses. This means the pump can benefit from huge savings in compressed air. In a well-sealed system, picking nonporous parts, the savings can be beyond 80%. Also, while the pump only makes 56 dB noise while consuming compressed air (for just a moment), it remains silent for the rest of the cycle.

Every industry has their own unique material handling requirements but one thing they all have in common is the demand for efficiency, speed, and a safe working environment.
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