Perfect Pick and Place Solution

Simmatic have the perfect pick and place solution for 20l/kg of compost. As part of our challenge us programme, Simmatic were invited to vacuum handle a 20l/kg bag of compost. Our video highlights 8 x MC25 VMECA Magic Grippers attached to a bespoke laser cut aluminium mounting plate.

Here’s the perfect pick and place solution for 20l/kg bags of compost…

VMECA’s Magic Gripper is an all-in-one vacuum solution that covers most handling applications. This innovative product has eliminated the need to purchase separate fittings, connection hoses, filters, and suction cups as the Magic Gripper comes as one-piece standard. This ultra-lightweight and compact design is easy to use, allows for easy mounting options and requires no tools when replacing spare parts. A variety of sealing lip options are available allowing the Magic Gripper to grasp a variety of different objects. Look at the Magic Gripper videos on Simmatic’s YouTube channel.

Simmatic Automation actively invite companies to “Challenge Us” with difficult to handle products. We’re so confident in our service. Tell us what you need a vacuum solution for and we’ll mock the concept. In fact, we’ll trial the best products using your samples, video the results and quote, no commitment required. To contact us click here

Simmatic are ready for the Bank Holiday, are you? Many people’s long weekend will involve being in the garden, catching up on essential tasks or just enjoying being outside and making the most of the good weather.
Simmatic’s gardening tasks for the May Bank Holiday:

  • Plant out half-hardy annuals and summer bedding plants
  • Earth up potatoes, to stop the crop forming on the soil surface
  • Sow succession crops, such as salad leaves
  • Plant out courgettes, squash and other tender vegetables, such as runner beans
  • Hoe and pull weeds regularly
  • Feed container plants every two weeks