Vacuum Solution for Curved Objects

VMECA X-Type EB Magic Cups are the perfect vacuum solution for curved objects. Ideal for irregular shaped food items such as bananas, eggs, apples, oranges etc… Also, a great vacuum solution for fine gauge foils, films and plastics. The X-Type suction cup is attached to VMECA’s Magic Gripper MC23C.

The Magic Gripper is unique to the vacuum handling market. This clever innovation from VMECA takes the already very successful configurable Magic Cup and offers it coupled directly to a carefully measured vacuum source so, a tailored gripper specific to the project’s demands can be created.

Simmatic has found ever growing success providing vacuum solutions within the food industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging; FDA approved cups are the vacuum solution you’re looking for – they will solve all your direct food handling applications.

Watch our vacuum solution for curved objects …

Throughout 2022 Simmatic Automation are proud to be celebrating 25 years in business…

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Challenge Simmatic with your difficult to handle products. We can show you how to solve all your industrial vacuum handling applications.

Simmatic will create a proposal for a problem and work closely with customers to understand how they need our vacuum and pneumatic solutions to operate. Over the past 25 years our focus on detail has created both loyal and new customers and Simmatic’s experienced engineers together with new VMECA products will always help businesses choose the right product from our ranges.

National Banana Day

National Banana Day is a yearly event that is aimed at celebrating bananas in every conceivable sense of the word – because the banana is certainly a fruit worth celebrating! National Banana Day 2022 is Wednesday, April 20th.

Here are some banana fun facts and trivia:

  • The Latin name for banana is “Musa Sapientum” which translates to the fruit of the wise men
  • A bunch of bananas is called a hand, a single banana is a finger
  • A monkey peels a banana upside down compared to our method, which is pinching the top and splitting the skin before peeling it down to reveal the fruit. This is an easier and less damaging method of peeling a banana
  • About 75% of the weight of a banana is water
  • Bananas float in water