Vacuum Handling Application for Biscuits

This week Simmatic’s blog is focusing on a recent pick and place production line vacuum handling application for biscuits. Simmatic Automation Engineers have been working closely with a new customer to achieve a 100% pick rate. Our customer had issues with an inconsistent pick rate as the line was dropping biscuits.

Issues Simmatic faced and needed to improve:

  • Complicated 3D print head filling with biscuit material and oils – which restricted vacuum flow to the vacuum cup
  • Regular downtime for maintenance and cleaning
  • Additional costs for manual labour when the robots were down

Simmatic trialled VMECA’s Premium Speeder with sample biscuits provided from our customer. The biscuits had different textures and inclusions. Watch our video to see the results of our first trial …

We then trialled different vacuum cups and lips including the P and X Lips. The straight through design of the Premium Speeder with no filters allowed debris to pass straight through the body. Look at our second trial with a selection of biscuits supplied by the customer with a range of surfaces and consistencies …

Although Simmatic’s initial trials were successful, our customer had limited resources to redesign the vacuum heads to integrate VMECA’s Premium Speeders. Simmatic’s solution: We began remodelling the gripper head, a new 3D printed head was designed at Simmatic maintaining both physical and cup face dimensions so as, not to alter robot programme settings.

The new 3D printed Gripper Head designed at Simmatic Automation…

Vacuum Handling Application for Biscuits

Simmatic returned to our customer and converted a single Delta Robot head to use the VMECA Premium Speeder. After initial issues with the P Lip turning inside out with different surface textures, the XP35-W5(FDA) vacuum cup proved most successful at full speed with 100% pick rate…

Vacuum Handling Application for Biscuits

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