Official Partnership with Movomech AB

Simmatic Automation are delighted to announce their Official Partnership with Movomech AB.

Dale Simmonds, our MD, initially made contact with Tony Kjellkvist, Sales Manager at Movomech AB based in Sweden, Tony then put us in touch with Jonas Ahlgren, Area Sales Manager for the UK. Movomech AB develop and manufacture a wide range of products within ergonomic lifting technology, from a first-class crane system in aluminium to complete material handling solutions with advanced lifting manipulators and tailor-made gripping tools. Take a look at what Movomech AB do…

Movomech AB Product Feature: Easyhand M

The Movomech Easyhand M™ is one of the market’s leading vacuum lifters for loads up to 55kg. The lifter is operated with handle grip controls, and is used for handling sacks, cartons and boxes, board material such as glass, sheet metal and doors. When handling bags, Easyhand M™ is usually the given choice because of the lift’s flexibility and adaptability. Controls on the operating handle make it easy to adjust the lifter’s stand-by height with or without a load and with a large range of grippers and accessories, such as swivels, angle joints, quick release devices, and extended and articulated handles, the lifter is easily adapted to suit the customer’s exact requirements.

Easyhand M photo 1

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Movomech AB’s ergonomic lifting equipment increases production efficiency and flexibility, helping to eliminate the risk of strain injuries to personnel. With solid industry experience and cutting-edge knowledge in lifting technology and production ergonomics, Movomech AB continuously develop products for safe, sustainable and efficient material handling. Their focus lies on creating optimal lifting solutions for each individual assignment and meeting every customer’s needs.

They operate in all businesses and industries with lifting and handling needs, both in Sweden and internationally. From wood and mechanical industries, warehousing and logistics centres, automotive, printing and graphics, house and furniture manufacturing to the chemical industry, automotive repair shops, the food industry, research facilities and laboratories.

Movomech AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Environmental considerations are part of their culture and quality improvements are an integral part of the business. The smallest possible environmental impact has a central part in all manufacturing and forms part of Movomech AB’s strategic work.

Throughout 2022 Simmatic Automation are celebrating 25 years in business and are delighted to announce their official partnership with Movomech AB. Challenge us with your difficult to handle products. We can show you how to solve all your industrial vacuum handling applications.

Movomech AB & Simmatic Official Partnership

For a fully comprehensive product Movomech AB and VMECA products integrate seamlessly to provide a complete vacuum handling solution for your industry’s requirements.