Grab Some Nuts Day

It’s 3rd August so, let’s celebrate National Grab Some Nuts Day. Today is the ultimate nutty day! Nuts, beans, seeds, stone fruit – they’re all considered nuts and part of our daily diet. Nuts are a healthy and nutritious snack, an energy source and a primary source of nutrients for both humans and wildlife. They are used in cooking, eaten raw or roasted as a snack food and pressed for oil that is used in cookery and cosmetics. Many nuts are excellent sources of vitamins E and B2. National Grab Some Nuts Day promotes the consumption of all nuts, their health benefits and tastiness. You won’t be surprised to hear that today is a very nutty occasion.

On Grab Some Nuts Day – Simmatic are demonstrating the versatility of VMECA’s Magic Gripper the all-in-one vacuum solution that covers most handling applications. This innovative product has eliminated the need to purchase separate fittings, connection hoses, filters, and suction cups as the Magic Gripper comes as a one-piece standard. The ultra-lightweight and compact design allows for easy mounting options. Easy to use, no tools required when replacing spare parts. A variety of sealing lip options are available allowing the Magic Gripper to grasp a variety of different objects – shown here fitted with a sponge EPDM sealing lip.


Whilst we’re on the subject of nuts! Here’s a vacuum handling solution for transferring peanut and almond granules.
Highlighting the capabilities of VMECA’s VTRF Conveying Pump

VMECA’s VTRA Conveying Pumps are a series of adjustable flow rate single stage vacuum pumps, particularly good for use in high contamination areas where dust and particles of debris are likely to enter the vacuum line. The design of the pump enables any dust and debris to pass directly through the pump. High flow rates can be achieved in conjunction with vacuum levels down to -85 kPa while maintaining a high performance to air consumption ratio.

Challenge Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd with your difficult to handle products. We can show you how to solve all your industrial vacuum handling applications.

Here’s some fun facts for National Grab Some Nuts Day …

  • Coconuts boost immunity. As a source of antioxidants, eating coconut and drinking their water can boost immunity and fight diseases
  • Peanuts account for 2/3 of all nut consumption
  • Almonds need honeybees to pollinate them so they can grow
  • You can use walnuts as a gluten-free base for anything that needs a crust
  • Pumpkin seeds should be eaten raw to preserve the healthy fats
  • The magnesium in sunflower seeds can help promote a healthy mood
  • Pistachios get their green colour from the same pigment that colours spinach and kale