VMECA range of Vacuum Pumps

The VMECA M3000 range of Vacuum Pumps are available from Simmatic. These pumps operate from a compressed air supply and are ideal for applications that include handling metal sheets, carton boxes and even semiconductor components. Offering exceptional versatility in a compact format, this allows them to be easily accommodated, even in applications where space is at a premium and with a low pressure or fluctuating compressed air supply, the pumps operate reliably and effectively.

The patented design of M3000 Magic Pumps provides multiple vacuum ports and configuration options that allow the best possible use to be made of available space. Our video shows all the available options for mounting the pump and the interchangeable ports. So, you’ll easily be able to see how it would fit into your application. The M3000 Magic Pumps/Vacuum Generators can even be configured as direct replacements for “classic” pumps, providing a very convenient option for upgrading older systems…

VMECA’s Magic Pumps/Vacuum Generators are one of Simmatic’s most popular products. The M3134 Magic Pump, shown in our 3D animation video above, demonstrates how all component parts of the pump fit together, shows how to rotate and orient components to provide the preferred configuration and port arrangement. You can also see the integrated pleated filter with high dirt capacity and auto-cleaning, which greatly reduces the need for maintenance. Not only are these Vacuum Generators one of Simmatic’s newest products they bring high reliability, innovated strength and updated technology.

VMECA Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Generator

VMECA range of Vacuum Pumps

Key Points:

  • Extremely compact, lightweight, quiet and easy to install
  • Adaptable and rotatable structure to fit in various positions and situations
  • Compatible with the Air-Saving Kit (AS-KIT) to substantially minimize energy consumption
  • Capable in dusty environments with an innovative auto filter cleaning system
  • Quick start-up and processing time
  • Patented design


Simmatic Vacuum Generator


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