The Stratasys F370 CR

Simmatic are moving into the composite ready 3D printing era! As part of the growth and development of end-of-arm-tool design (EOAT) and manufacturing service we rolled out last year, we saw the need for a reliable, accurate and efficient 3D printer. Step forward, the Stratasys F370 CR!

The Stratasys F370 CR

The F370 CR, supplied by SYS Systems, has delivered the “Rolls-Royce” of 3D printers along with supporting it with the very best training to ensure we are up-to-speed and ready to hit the ground running with our new system!

F123CR series of FDM 3D printers from Stratasys offer a “verified 99% uptime and a 99%-dimensional repeatability performance” this gives Simmatic the ability of increasing production time from our typical office hours to ensure the part is printing – to now, being able to print complex prints over whole weekends, if needed, with complete peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that when we return to Simmatic HQ on Monday morning, our part will be there and ready for the next stage.

Stratasys F370 CR has a build volume of 14x10x14 inches (355x254x355mm) and offers the ability to print large parts, such as Motocross helmet prototypes, or multiple smaller parts which are then used as a single assembly.

With the wide range of materials, the F370 CR offers, we can print parts for a myriad of different purposes. From using the special TPU material for our own complex gaskets to the Nylon-CF for lightweight, strong and integrated vacuum chambers. The material range offers a choice of colours; red, ivory and black, just being a few that we can offer in the ABS material.

So, if rapid prototyping is something you require, please don’t hesitate in contacting the team here at Simmatic! We will be more than happy to take your 3D files (.stp, .stl and native CAD such as .sldprt for SolidWorks or .ipt for Inventor), material requirements and application details to give you a quote for our new rapid prototyping service.