Palletising Solutions from Simmatic

Palletising solutions from Simmatic are capable of handling a range of box sizes, with varying weights; using VMECA’s Magic Grippers to configure the end of arm tool and suitable for difficult to handle products.

Our palletising solutions offer several benefits to a variety of industries.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Increased Efficiency – maximum vacuum flow generated at each cup
  • Versatility – adaptive vacuum control
  • Ergonomic Design – no tools required for cup replacement

Robotic Palletising Applications

We were tasked to design and manufacture four vacuum grippers to fit directly onto four ABB IRB660 palletising robots and capable of handling a range of box sizes, with varying weights, for an end of line palletising cell.

Our design, created by Thomas Greenow-Langford, includes a range of products from VMECA‘s catalogue integrated to create this end of arm tool for the robots.

The pick and place boxes range in size from 210mm x 210mm up to 800mm x 600mm and weighing up to 25kg.

This specific gripper utilises the independent vacuum generated by each magic gripper, to give the strongest hold on every box. There are four working zones to cope with the variety of boxes alongside a blowback feature on each Magic Gripper to help clear both the internal filters of the vacuum generators, and also, to clear the surface of the pick face from any dust prior to picking.

As part of the assembly at Simmatic we were able to integrate multiple vacuum switches, sensors and valves into one complete solution, where all leads were terminated back to an IFM IO-Link block. This allows the end user to control all the functions of this gripper with a single ethernet connection.

gripper attachment

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