VMECA’s VTC Vacuum Conveyors

This week we’re highlighting VMECA’s VTC Vacuum Conveyors. Made with 316 Stainless Steel and ATEX approved, VMECA’s vacuum conveyor demonstration video, transporting rice, was filmed on their stand at Interpack Processing & Packaging show in Düsseldorf earlier this year.

VMECA’s VTC1200 conveyor is capable of conveying up to 9 tons of product per hour
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A VMECA Vacuum Conveyor is a highly efficient and durable unit and able to transport a huge quantity of dry raw material from point A to point B. Capable of transporting:

VTC Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyor key benefits:

  • Clean, safe compressed air driven multistage vacuum pump, pre-delivery ATEX approval upon request
  • Dustless conveying of dry powder or granular produce
  • Conveys food materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics and other free-flowing granular products
  • Low noise level
  • Low energy consumption
  • Made of acid-proof polished stainless steel, available in 304 and 316
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning filtration, yet high level of capacity from 0.6 TPH to 9 TPH

A VMECA Vacuum Conveyor

Uses the vacuum to pick up the material for transfer. This process is called a difference in pressure and occurs when atmospheric air and the different air pressure attempts to equalise, which in turn creates suction.
It’s a simple and hygienic handling solution. When moving powder and granules it’s essential that the handling solution is clean, safe and prevents product damage. With that in mind, Simmatic offers a complete range of vacuum conveyors and handling solutions to meet all hygienic standards at cost-effective prices.
Our experienced engineers will evaluate and test the application to make sure all aspects of the requirements are met for safe and efficient operation.

VTC Vacuum Conveyor

Ask Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd  about VMECA’s VTC vacuum conveyors We invite companies to ‘Challenge Us’ with their industrial vacuum handling applications – we can help with your difficult to handle products. Follow this link to Simmatic’s YouTube channel, subscribe and watch our industrial handling solutions videos.