Appliance Assembly Line

Take a look at this appliance assembly line pick and place. We’re highlighting the V-Grip GM130 picking, placing and moving washing machine panels. A very adaptable product that can be used to pick and place a myriad of different products…

Application specific vacuum cups
VMECA vacuum, cups

VMECA’s innovative vacuum grippers are designed with a lightweight aluminium body frame with slots for easy installation and are very low maintenance. The V-Grip is integrated with the highly efficient VMECA Vacuum Cartridge – this offers options including an adjustable check valve, which can be adjusted from off, low, medium, high, and max flow settings.

Key Features:

– Operated from a compressed air supply
– Available with application specific vacuum cups for excellent grip (image above right)
– Flexible sealing foam (EPDM) sponge pad option is also available (image above left)
– Durable, lightweight aluminium body frame
– Adjustable check valve option
– Handles a myriad of products of different shapes, sizes and porous materials

Here at Simmatic we know ALL the challenges encountered when picking up objects of different shapes and sizes. Every industry has their own unique material handling requirements but one thing they all have in common is the demand for efficiency, speed, and a safe working environment.

So why choose V-Grips / Vacuum Gripping Systems?

V-Grips are capable of handling multiple processes, whether it’s white goods, pallets, a pattern of products, a layer sheet or jars in the box. This makes an industrial robot multipurpose and capable of numerous disciplines.
The V-Grip does not need to be completely covered; it will pick up by being partially covered. By reducing contact between materials and moving parts, you reduce the wear and tear of the system, thus prolonging the lifespan of the machinery and therefore your investment. Using the right handling solutions increases the productivity and efficiency of a business which in turn, alleviates pressure from the team and reduces energy costs.

If you would like more information about V-Grips from VMECA, appliance assembly line, pick and place or in fact any of our pneumatic and vacuum handling products: Call Simmatic on: 01299 877770 or email[email protected]

Whatever your project needs, we’re always keen to work with you and help you through your options. There are so many automated solutions available. So, if you are picking, placing, gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have the products and knowledge to deliver your solution.

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