VMECA’s BOT-Gripper

VMECA’s BOT-Gripper is a pneumatically operated bottle handling solution for transferring glass or PET bottles. Here’s our demonstration video…

BOT-Gripper Key Features

  • A pneumatically operated gripper
  • Inflates a nylon sleeve enabling it to grip any type of bottle
    • Sleeve available in two options: standard & anti slip bump
  • Integrated level compensator to allow for varying bottle heights: 50mm, 70mm & 100mm springs available
  • Built in check valve for quick release
  • Maximum lifting weight: 15kg
  • Lifting diameter for top of bottle: 18mm – 32mm

VMECA’s BOT-Gripper’s capabilities are not just limited to bottles…
The Bottle Gripper can also be used to handle cylindrical objects such as machined parts or steel bar ranging from 18mm – 32mm diameter and it’s also perfect for machine tending applications.

VMECA’s Bottle Gripper

Features and Strengths

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation

Once compressed air is supplied to the pick-up head the grip tube is inflated and clamps the product.

When the compressed air supply is stopped, the check valve closes the air-inlet. The rapid outlet is opened and supplied air is vented out, this then releases the product (bottle).


Pneumatically Operated Bottle Handling

VMECA’s BOT-Gripper

Whatever your project needs, Simmatic are we’re always keen to work with you and help you through your options. There are so many automated solutions available and VMECA’s comprehensive range of vacuum products offer the perfect solutions for numerous applications. So, if you are gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have both the products and knowledge to deliver you with the right solution.

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