Simmatic’s Veganuary Vacuum Solutions

We’d like to show you Simmatic’s Veganuary Vacuum Solutions. Starting with VMECA’s MC20D Magic Gripper fitted with DD dual lip vacuum cups. These suction cups have a 30mm inner lip and 40mm outer lip giving two opportunities to form a perfect vacuum seal on the product; making it ideal to pick and place curved objects such as mushrooms, potatoes, courgettes and marrows. This pick and place vacuum solution is also ideal for fine gauge foils, films and plastics. Take a look at our demonstration video…

Reliable and Proven Vacuum Solutions

Here at Simmatic we’ve found ever growing success providing vacuum solutions within the food industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging; FDA approved cups are the perfect vacuum solution – they will solve all your direct food handling applications.

Next it’s VMECA’s MC10 Magic Gripper fitted with the X25 magic cup. This video shows the adaptability of the Gripper; not only will it pick and place individual pieces; an apple and a pear, this gripper will also vacuum handle pre-packed cartons of fruit and vegetables.

VMECA’s MC10 Magic Gripper:

MC10D Magic Grippers Veganuary

X25 magic cup:


X25 Magic Cup Vacuum solutiuon

We’re sure you will agree Simmatic’s Veganuary Vacuum Solutions are perfect solutions for difficult to handle products.  Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people. A switch to vegan diets in England could potentially save the NHS £6.7 billion per year.

Simmatic can tailor a Magic Gripper specific to your project’s demands to vacuum handle vegetables, fruit, prepacked foods in films, foils and bags as well as boxes, glass, steel, wood or laminates, jars or bottles. Whatever your project needs, we’re always keen to work with you and help you through your options. There are so many automated solutions available. So, if you are gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have the products and knowledge to deliver the right solution for you!

Challenge us with your difficult to handle products. Ask Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd about VMECA’s Magic Gripper all-in-one vacuum solution and challenge us with your difficult to handle products. Let us show you how to solve all your vacuum handling applications. Call us on: 01299 877770 or email: [email protected]