Apprentice Automation Engineer

National Engineers Week has been designed so there is a dedicated week that provides exciting and inspiring opportunities for young people who want to get to know more about the world of engineering. Simmatic are specialists in vacuum and pneumaticswe’re looking to expand our ever-growing team and recruit an Apprentice Automation Engineer – click here for all the details

An Introduction to Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd:

We supply handling products to numerous industries including food and drink, manufacturing and automotive and offer extensive expertise in industrial handling solutions, including the latest in technological developments.

Our products are at the cutting edge of vacuum technology, they offer the design engineer a rapidly increasing range of industry leading products, to solve some of those more awkward handling applications. How those products can be put together, to make those advances, is the job of the team at Simmatic.

Simmatic will take a challenge, assemble a prototype, video the results and pass onto the customer. This gives the customer an already proven record for any future projects they are looking to automate. Take a look what we do…

Vacuum solutions

Our innovation is achieved through representing our forward-thinking international partner companies:

–           VMECA in South Korea
–           Aircomp / Stampotecnica in Italy
–           Movomech in Sweden
–           Airwork in Italy

VMECA Apprentice Automation Engineer

Aircomp Apprentice Automation Engineer

Movomech Apprentice Automation Engineer

airwork-logo Apprentice Automation Engineer

V-Grip Simmatic Automation

As an Apprentice Automation Engineer Simmatic would expect:

  • An interest in Mechanical Engineering
  • A confidence and willingness to learn
  • To understand our products & part numbers
  • Learn how the products function and how they work with different materials
  • Understand and follow technical drawings and schematics
    – To complete working sequences that start as an idea
  • Attend site visits with senior engineers and understand customer requirements
    – To gain a knowledge of other manufacturing environments
    – Confidence in front of customers

A mechanical mind helps understand a concept, to complete initial trials for customers with products. Then, assist in the manufacture and follow the task through to see completed projects integrated into production processes.

If this Apprentice Automation Engineer opportunity sounds like the perfect fit for you:

Engineers play a vital role when it comes to the world that we live in today. There are many different types of engineers, and National Engineers Week gives us all the perfect opportunity to celebrate these professionals and everything they bring to society. It is also a great chance for you to educate yourself about engineering and potentially explore a career down this avenue if it is something that interests you.
With innovation and enthusiasm at the heart of what Simmatic do, we’re looking for a skilled, self-motivated candidate to become a valued asset to the company, contributing to and benefitting from our thriving success.

Closing date for applications: 31st May 2024