Chocolate Vacuum Solution

As it’s Easter, we’re highlighting Simmatic’s Chocolate Vacuum Solution using VMECA’s suction cups

VMECA’s configurable vacuum suction cups (Magic Cups) are capable of handling foods directly, including chocolate, as demonstrated in this week’s video…

Simmatic’s Chocolate Vacuum Solution

The Magic Cups are fitted to an individually manufactured aluminium vacuum manifold. This EOAT (End of Arm Tool) is fitted to the ABB industrial robot which then picks and places the chocolate eggs.
All of VMECA’s vacuum suction lips are now available in metal detectable and FDA approved food grade quality silicon. This material is also ideal for fine gauge, foils, films and plastics.
Simmatic has found ever growing success within the food industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging; FDA approved cups are the perfect solution.

To all our Customers and Suppliers…

Team Simmatic wish you a very Happy Easter 🐣 🐰
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chocolate vacuum solution Easter

Simmatic’s Chocolate Vacuum Solution

Here’s some Fun Facts about Easter 🐰 🐣

Q. Why is Easter called Easter? 

A. According to scholars, this Christian holiday was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre, who was depicted as a Fertility Goddess and a Goddess of Dawn and Light. She was honoured at Pagan festivals celebrating the arrival of spring, further highlighting the blend of Pagan traditions with Christian holidays.

Q. When we think of Easter, chocolate, hot-cross buns and eggs usually spring to mind. But did you know that pretzels are also an Easter snack?

A. Pretzels are associated with Easter because the twists resemble arms crossing in prayer. From the 1950s, it was tradition for Germans to eat a pretzel and a hard-boiled egg for dinner on Good Friday.

Q. Ever wondered why Easter Sunday changes date every year?

A. It’s actually down to the lunar calendar and the position of the moon. Easter in fact falls on the first Sunday after the full moon that takes place on or after March 21st, which is said to signal the start of Spring.

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